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Goda Sawako : A Retrospective @The Musium Of Art, Kochi

An exhibition that I had vaguely thought I would like to visit.

But I’m glad I went!
I was able to see how she changed from her early works to later works, and more importantly, I thought it was cool to see how her works have evolved through encounters and collaborations with various people, but the essence of her work has not changed.

I also found it interesting that there were quite a few works in which photographs were used, and that they played an important role in the production process. It was interesting to see how the world seen through the lens was incorporated into the work.

At first, I felt a strong “sensitivity,” but in her later years, I felt that she experimented and carefully looked at the results of her experiments. The color pencil works were cute and trivial, but they seemed to bring together all of her past works. I was very happy to see her works, which were cute and trivial, but seemed to be a collection of her past works.

And it was cool to see her intention to move on to the next new phase in her artwork production.

“I have no way or intention of going back.”
It seems to be a phrase that Ms. Goda often wrote in her later years.