Mitsu Maeda








Photo shooting with natural light at the studio

I always enjoy shooting with a strobe because I am excited about what kind of lighting I will use, and I feel a sense of security because I can create the “image I want to take.” However, it is more often the photos taken with natural light coming through frosted glass that I stop to look back at the photos I took.

I feel like I can remember it sensitively, because it is filled with all the things that made up that moment in time, such as the time when I took the picture, the conversation we had, and so on.

So, in the studio, I would do the lighting first, and then take pictures with natural light when the client is probably thinking, “Okay, I think I’m done shooting.”

As we head into spring! We are going to have many events.
We are looking forward to meeting new people and having fun photo shootings:)